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The Mindful Parent of ADHD Kids


show-icon-adhd-podcasts-justine-ruotolo-2 Many people these days deal with a tremendous amount of stress. Parenting is what all of us want to do well, so we can have happy and emotionally healthy children. I have noticed that if we take care of ourselves, release the stress, and lead peaceful and harmonious lives, parenting gets easier.

Children, adolescents, and adults, with ADHD, have very sensitive psyches, which make it difficult to regulate emotions. The feelings overwhelm them like a tidal wave, and raging can become part of their daily routine. This is why “Mindfulness” is a must for the parents, children, and adolescents in this population. Understanding the negative symptoms of ADHD, such as, procrastination, inattention, losing things, lateness, to name a few, happens when we are in the moment, less stressed, and able to see these as behaviors as “what they do, not who they are.”

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