ADHD PODCASTS | ADD & Co-occurring Disorders (Depression, Anxiety)

 ADD & Co-occurring Disorders (Depression, Anxiety)


show-icon-adhd-podcasts-justine-ruotolo-2 Join the Miss ADD hour while we discuss, co-occurring disorders with ADD. The neurons in our brain fire differently than someone who does not have ADD. When this misfire happens, the other chemicals in the brain, like serotonin, dopamine, etc.… get thrown off as well. These chemical imbalances can cause depression, anxiety, OCD, ODD, to name a few. These additional challenges can make it very difficult for the child, adolescent, adult, and parents, to deal with all theses symptoms at once. I lived with this myself, struggling with anxiety and depression for many years. Both my son’s also struggled with additional chemical imbalances. We all survived, and are thriving. So let me give you the necessary tools to survive and thrive. Please, call into the show with your questions and concerns.

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